BANF process based on SharePoint and SAP

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The process of internal and external order processing for employees in medium to large companies is very costly in business terms – both financially and organizationally. Many companies are looking for new ways to automate the approval process of purchase requisitions. If you are interested in this topic, read on now.

ShareGo has developed the SharePoint SAP connector, an efficient solution that automates the approval process of purchase requisitions, making it much easier, faster, and safer. In addition, the process becomes traceable and calculable. The processes that SAP generates – for example, a purchase requisition – are synchronized by adding the SharePoint SAP Connector to SharePoint and the releases are reported back to SAP. Take a look at the process in a graphical representation below the link below.

The automation of various approval processes offers the following advantages for the specialist department:

• Reduction of throughput times
• Optimization of the process flow
• Increased visibility through an overall view of the number and processing status of running and completed workflows
• Better control of processes compared to non-electronic workflows
• Less manual input required
• Increased process safety
• Promotion and facilitation of cross-local cooperation

Be it a medium-sized company or a large corporation – companies from a wide variety of industries rely on our expertise in the areas of migration and license management. Learn more about successfully completed projects in our case studies.


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